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KEO CLASSIC 3 PLUSSKU | 22256What is the difference between a KEO CLASSIC 3 and a KEO CLASSIC 3 PLUS? The material used for the contact area. The little extra, stainless steel rather than composite, optimizes pedal stiffness and hence the transfer of power from you to your bike. As for the rest, we ..
21.990 Ft
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Brand: Look Model: 22007
KEO BLADE CARBON CERAMICSKU | 22007Your pedal stroke is about to become lighter with a pedal weighing a mere 110 grams. The ceramic bearing and famous BLADE technology transfer 100% of your power input to the drivetrain. With the wide, 700mm² contact area, your foot will become one with the pedal, a..
71.990 Ft
Ex Tax:56.685 Ft
Brand: Look Model: LOOKMAX2CARBON
Look KEO 2 Max Carbon road bicycle cleat pedalsKEO 2 MAX CARBONSKU | 16090Ready for new adventures? Follow your dreams with the KEO 2 MAX CARBON pedal. With its 500 mm² contact area, it offer perfect power transfer from your legs to your bike. The carbon body ensures lightness and efficiency while t..
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Brand: Look Model: LOOKMAX2
Look KEO 2 Max road bicycle cleat pedalKEO 2 MAXSKU | 16079The pedal has written pages of LOOK history, and the KEO 2 MAX is an excellent example of our expertise. With its wide, 500mm² contact area and composite body, it offers state-of-the-art technology for full power transfer, in an affordable p..
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Brand: Look Model: 3611720127259
KEO CLASSIC 3SKU | 14260Discover the world of clipless pedals with the KEO CLASSIC 3. With easily-adjustable tension, clipping in and out becomes child's play. As soon as you have got the hang of it during your first rides, you will be able to increase the tension to fully appreciate the pedal and a..
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Brand: Look Model: LOOKKEOCLEAT
Look Keo Non-Grip CleatsThe Keo cleat features bi-material which decreases the friction when engaging and releasing from the pedal. Genuine Look replacement cleats with fixing bolts and washers. This version is NOT the Grip Look cleats. Large platformMemory clipSafe releasing3 float options:Red..
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Brand: Look Model: 00018220
The X-TRACK is LOOK's entry level off-road pedal, which does not mean technology is left aside. The aluminum body and Chromoly+, double-sealed axle are robust and ensure total fluidity thru the pedalstroke. Tension can be quickly and easily adjusted from 6 thru 14.Why you'll love it?Step into LOOK's..
14.990 Ft
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Brand: Look Model: 00018222
LOOK X-TRACK RACEThe X-TRACK RACE shares its design with the CARBON and Ti models, offering a composite body and Chromoly+ axle for optimal stiffness during your rides. The SPD mechanism functions reliably even in the most extreme conditions, evacuating any elements which may get caught under your s..
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