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Kormánybandázs, kormány betekerő szalag

Kormánybandázs, kormány betekerő szalag
DEDA Presa kormánybandázs, kormány betekerő szalag
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Gyártó: Deda Cikkszám: DEDAPRESATAPE
PRESA®, is a 2-in-1 tape for super Grip and Comfort. Presa® is composed of two layers, lower in EVA and upper in PU perforated, resulting in a double density tape.The best choice of Pro riders.CATALOGUE DEALERCategory: AccessoriesShare:ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONMaterial EVA combined with tacky PU surfac..
7.500 Ft 8.900 Ft
Nettó ár:5.906 Ft
Gyártó: Deda Cikkszám: DEDASQUALO
The new Squalo tape is made combining a special polymer with an expanded foam (EVA) with enclosed cells which is subsequently machined. The microscopic structure of the material is similar to the shark’s scales aligned so as to create a rough surface. This ensures excellent grip in all conditions, d..
6.900 Ft
Nettó ár:5.433 Ft
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