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Bicycle handlebar tape

Bicycle handlebar tape

Handlebar tapes for road bikes are made of materials that provide a comfortable grip and traction on the handlebars. Below, I'll summarize what to look for when buying handlebar tapes, as well as introduce the most common types and materials:


Textile: Traditional handlebar tapes are made of textile materials. These are usually lightweight, comfortable, and provide good grip. However, they may wear out and tear more easily when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

EVA Foam: Handlebar tapes made of EVA foam are lightweight, have a soft touch, and offer excellent vibration dampening. Additionally, they resist moisture and abrasion.

Silicone Gel: Silicone gel tapes are highly resistant to water and very durable. They effectively absorb vibrations and provide a comfortable feel.


Solid Color: These are the most common types, referring to handlebar tapes that come in a single color. You can choose from various colors to match your bike's style.

Dual Color: Dual-color handlebar tapes feature a combination of two different-colored materials. These tapes can give your bike a nice and distinctive look.

Patterned: Patterned tapes come with various designs, logos, or textures to enhance grip and comfort.

Considerations when purchasing:

Grip: It's important to choose a tape with good grip to securely and comfortably hold your hands on the handlebars.

Comfort: Look for tapes with a comfortable touch and excellent vibration dampening properties to provide long-lasting comfort during rides.

Durability: Opt for handlebar tapes made of quality materials that are durable and can withstand long-term use.

Installation: Ensure that the tape you choose is easy to install, or consider seeking assistance from a local bike shop.

When selecting handlebar tapes, it's essential to take into account personal preferences, comfort, and style. It's worth trying out different types and materials to find the one that suits you best in terms of grip, comfort, and aesthetics.

Brand: Colnago Model: COLNAGODOTTAPE
DOT HANDLEBAR TAPE | COLNAGOCoupled handlebar tape, matt effect and colored background texture. Compact thickness, excellent grip.It includes handlebar caps and finishing tape.DETAILSWEIGHT: 70 gr..
11.800 Ft
Ex Tax:9.291 Ft
Brand: Colnago Model: COLNAGOGRIPBLACK
Colnago Grip road bicycle handlebar tape, black..
8.500 Ft
Ex Tax:6.693 Ft
Brand: Colnago Model: COLNAGOGRIPRED
Colnago Grip road bicycle handlebar tape, red..
8.500 Ft
Ex Tax:6.693 Ft
Brand: Deda Model: DEDALOOPPLUG
LOOP END PLUGAluminium bar end-plugs with anodized finish and texturized Dedalogos. Include an expander system to fix the tape into the handlebarby simply tightening with an allen key.Available in six colours: black, red, silver, blue, green, gold.Weight: 24 g (set)..
4.790 Ft
Ex Tax:3.772 Ft
Brand: Deda Model: DEDATAPE109
DEDA Mistral Bianchi, Celeste green bar tape..
4.850 Ft
Ex Tax:3.819 Ft
FLUO TAPEThe Fluo bar tape combines excellent performance with a unique look. Leather touch and available in 4 different colours...
4.850 Ft
Ex Tax:3.819 Ft
Brand: Deda Model: DEDAMISTRAL
DEDA Mistral road bicycle drop handlebar tape..
4.850 Ft
Ex Tax:3.819 Ft
Brand: Deda Model: DEDAMONZACAP
MONZA TOP CUPNew color limited edition of topcap with anodized finish and texturized Deda logos. Include an alloy screw for a superlight weight.Available in six colours: black, red, silver, blue, green, gold.Weight: 8 g (including screw)..
4.200 Ft
Ex Tax:3.307 Ft
Brand: Deda Model: DEDAPRESATAPE
DEDA Presa road bicycle handlebar tape bandage..
8.990 Ft
Ex Tax:7.079 Ft
Deda Special kormánybetekerő szalag: arany, fehér, ezüst, fekete színben..
5.300 Ft
Ex Tax:4.173 Ft
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