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Kormányszár (stucni)

Kormányszár (stucni)
Gyártó: Deda Cikkszám: DEDAMONZACAP
MONZA TOP CUPNew color limited edition of topcap with anodized finish and texturized Deda logos. Include an alloy screw for a superlight weight.Available in six colours: black, red, silver, blue, green, gold.Weight: 8 g (including screw)..
4.200 Ft
Nettó ár:3.307 Ft
Gyártó: Deda Cikkszám: DEDAMUREX
MUREXFrom a long tradition comes a true new classic, revised with modern eyes. Quill (22.2 mm; 7/8’ diameter) stem for 1” threaded headset, open clamp for 26 mm handlebar diameter. Drop forged and CNC turned 6061 T6 aluminium light alloy.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONMaterial alloy 6061, forgedScrews CrMoAn..
10.990 Ft
Nettó ár:8.654 Ft
Gyártó: Deda Cikkszám: DEDAPISTASTEM
PISTAThe best stem for track racing. Full 3D forged alloy 2014 with 70° angle for the best pistard in the world.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONMaterial Alloy 2014 3DScrews CrMoAngle 70°Handlebar diameter 31.7 mmFork steerer 1 1/8" (28.6mm)Drop 40mmClamp Height 100 mm, 110 mm, 120 mm, 130 mm, 140 mm, 90 mmWei..
21.900 Ft
Nettó ár:17.244 Ft
Gyártó: Deda Cikkszám: DEDASPADA
SPADAQuill stem adapter SPADA To assemble threadless stem on traditional threaded fork and head set. Fork steerer inside diameter 22.2 mm; Ø head 25.4 mm...
4.500 Ft
Nettó ár:3.543 Ft
DEDA Superleggero kormányszár
Hot -23 %
SUPERLEGGEROThe lightest production stem. Alloy 7050 3D forged aluminum stem with titanium screws, available in black and black on black (POB). Designed without compromize.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONMaterial Alloy 7050Screws TitanAngle 82°Handlebar diameter 31.7 mmFork steerer 1 1/8" (28.6mm)Drop 36 mmCl..
39.900 Ft 52.100 Ft
Nettó ár:31.417 Ft
DEDA Superleggero RS kormányszár
-41 %
SUPERLEGGERO RSThe lightest production stem in aluminum 7050, now available in the RS limited edition featuring a unique finish combined with Duracer® surface treatment technology.With its unique characteristics, Duracer® offers the highest levels of corrosion and wear protection for light aluminum ..
42.899 Ft 72.700 Ft
Nettó ár:33.779 Ft
DEDA Superzero kormányszár
Hot -28 %
Gyártó: Deda Cikkszám: DEDASUPERZEROSTEM
SUPERZERONew graphic design and a dedicated aero top cap for Superzero. The Superzero stem is the perfect combination of stiffness, lightness and aero shape.The flat top section of the stem results in a better aero performance and guarantees at the same time higher stiffness values. Designed for the..
27.500 Ft 38.400 Ft
Nettó ár:21.654 Ft
Gyártó: Deda Cikkszám: DEDATOPCAP
TOP CAPFork cap TOP CAP. The Deda style in every detail. Available in black or silver anodized...
1.400 Ft
Nettó ár:1.102 Ft
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