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Országúti kerékpár kormány

Országúti kerékpár kormány
Gyártó: Colnago Cikkszám: COLNAGOGARMINMOUNT
GARMIN MOUNT FOR SR9 STEMWEIGHT: 50gDESCRIPTION:Compatible with all 4-screws front plate handlebar stems.Compatible with garmin 1000-1030Adjustable in inclinationDesigned for perfect integration with C64 Disc’s SR9 stemASSEMBLY:Secure to the two lower screws of the front plate...
18.900 Ft
Nettó ár:14.882 Ft
Colnago R41 karbon országúti kormány
Gyártó: Colnago Cikkszám: COLNAGOR41HANDLEBAR
DESCRIPTION:Compact handlebar with partly aerodynamic upper shape, concealed cabling. Compatible with Di2 Shimano with control unit in the handlebar cap.WEIGHT: 220 gSIZE: 40 cm c-c, 42 cm c-c, 44 cm c-cDROP: 125 mmREACH: 75 mm..
99.000 Ft
Nettó ár:77.953 Ft
Gyártó: Deda Cikkszám: DEDAALANERA
The new dcr (deda internal cable routing) system allows the full integration of the cables inside the handlebar.Developed to be aero, the optmized design of stem and handlebar guarantees a perfect integration with the bike. Alanera features the full internal cable routing when mounted on d-shape for..
229.000 Ft
Nettó ár:180.315 Ft
Gyártó: Deda Cikkszám: DEDAALAMOUNT1000
Deda Alanera computer mount for Garmin 1000 series..
19.900 Ft
Nettó ár:15.669 Ft
DEDA Alanera integrált kormány "Top cap" felső kupak adapter D-alakú villanyakhoz..
5.500 Ft
Nettó ár:4.331 Ft
Deda Alanera integrált kormányhoz Campagnolo EPS unit rögzítő alkatrészek..
5.900 Ft
Nettó ár:4.646 Ft
Gyártó: Deda Cikkszám: DEDADRITTO26
DRITTO 26Flat bar suitable for single speed and urban bikes in light alloy 6061.Solid and reliable.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONShape flat barMaterial Alloy 6061Handlebar diameter 26 mmHandlebar weight 190 gFinish silver polish..
7.900 Ft
Nettó ár:6.220 Ft
Gyártó: Deda Cikkszám: DEDAGERA
GERA®Gera® simply defines a new standard for gravel handlebars It is also the perfect choice whenever you ride an adventure & touring bike set-up. Multiple hands positions at the rider disposal to find the best grip, aggressive if you want to run fast or comfortable if you want to enjoy your lon..
86.900 Ft
Nettó ár:68.425 Ft
Gyártó: Deda Cikkszám: DEDAGRAVEL100
GRAVEL100GRAVEL100®The GRAVEL100® model is an evolution from Deda famous ZERO100 road bar. Based on the RHM shape to maintain short reach, the 12° flare at the drops offers more stability and preserving the typical drop bar brake/shifter feel.The slightly aero top section is design to be ergonomic a..
29.500 Ft
Nettó ár:23.228 Ft
Gyártó: Deda Cikkszám: DEDASPECIALE26
SPECIALE 26The most classic handlebar geometry in the history of cycling.Classic Italian shape, perfect for climbers and for riders with small hands.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONShape ShallowMaterial alloy 6061 double buttedHandlebar diameter 26 mmProfondita 80 mmDrop 135 mmHandlebar Weight (42 cm) 320 gFi..
9.900 Ft
Nettó ár:7.795 Ft
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