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Gravel bicycle handlebar

Gravel bicycle handlebar

A gravel bike handlebar is a special type of handlebar designed for versatile use, including on-road and off-road cycling. The gravel bike handlebar is typically wider and flatter than a traditional road bike handlebar, allowing the cyclist to maintain a comfortable hand position and better control the bike on rough terrain.

The gravel bike handlebar can be a drop bar or flat bar type. The drop bar type is curved like a traditional road bike handlebar, but wider. This handlebar provides a comfortable hand position for longer rides while allowing the cyclist to hold their hands in different positions to improve stability on rough terrain.

The flat bar type is straight and typically found on mountain bikes. This handlebar provides the best control and stability on rough terrain. The flat bar handlebar allows the cyclist to keep their hands in a straight position and exert more force."

A carbon gravel bike handlebar has several advantages over steel or aluminum handlebars. Here are a few advantages:

  • Lightweight: Carbon handlebars are typically lighter than steel or aluminum handlebars. This improves the bike's weight and ride dynamics.
  • Flexible: Carbon handlebars absorb vibrations and impacts better than steel or aluminum handlebars. This improves comfort over longer rides, particularly when the bike is used on rough terrain.
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio: Carbon handlebars made from carbon material are extremely strong and have a very good strength-to-weight ratio. This means that carbon handlebars are very strong yet very lightweight.
  • Formable: Carbon handlebars are formable, allowing for different ergonomic designs that better suit the cyclist's needs.

Overall, a carbon gravel bike handlebar has many advantages over steel or aluminum handlebars. The lightweight, flexibility, strength, and ergonomic design allow the cyclist to comfortably and efficiently move forward on rough terrain.

GERA ALLOY HANDLEBARGera® Alloy is made from 6061 aluminium using an innovative mechanical forming process that allows manufacturing a complex design such as Gera. It is the perfect choice for any gravel & adventure bike set-up. Multiple hands positions at the rider disposal to always find the b..
39.900 Ft
Ex Tax:31.417 Ft
DEDA Gera karbon gravel kerékpár kormány
2-3 Days
GERA CARBON HANDLEBARGera® simply defines a new standard for gravel handlebars. It is also the perfect choice whenever you ride an adventure & touring bike set-up. Multiple hands positions at the rider disposal to find the best grip, aggressive if you want to run fast or comfortable if you want ..
86.900 Ft
Ex Tax:68.425 Ft
SUPERZERO GRAVEL HANDLEBARSuperzero Gravel is a handlebar in the racing gravel segment for cyclists who do not seek compromises and are demanding even when they are on off-road. The first reason to upgrade from a traditional road handlebar to a more specific gravel model is control and stability. Su..
95.900 Ft
Ex Tax:75.512 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 185-0011012050
ADVENTURE COMPACT ALLOY HANDLEBARFSA AGX | PRODUCT LINE FOR ADVENTURE, GRAVEL AND CYCLOCROSS.For riders seeking the roads and trails less travelled, FSA’s AGX components offer the best performance for Adventure, Gravel and Cyclocross. Featuring products solidly built using advanced carbon composite ..
15.990 Ft
Ex Tax:12.591 Ft
COMPATIBLE WITH ACR AND SCR SYSTEMSNew update: Now compatible with FSA Aerodynamic integrated Cable Routing (ACR) and Semi-integrated Cable Routing systems.IDEAL ERGONOMICSSculpted contact points for the "hoods" and "drops" riding positions for better ergonomics.FLARED DROP FOR BETTER CONTROLThe fla..
100.900 Ft
Ex Tax:79.449 Ft
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