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Brand: FSA Model: 390-0055000150
FSA ALLOY CRANK BOLTS FOR E-BIKE BOSCH GEN3DESCRIPTIONFSA alloy crank bolts compatible with BOSCH Gen3 engineFEATURESNoREFERENCESCODE TYPE390-0055000150 CKSP E-BIKE BOSCH Gen3 Crank Bolts ML558 2pcsSPECIFICATIONSType SparesManufacturer FSAColor blackDiscipline E-BIKEMaterial Forged AL6061Engine BOSC..
1.790 Ft
Ex Tax:1.409 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 390-0122000010
Replacement crank bolt for FSA Maxon Ebike cranks.390-0122000010 CKSP QR-32 steel Crank Bolt..
3.490 Ft
Ex Tax:2.748 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 390-0101000010
FSA CRANK BOLTS ML598ADESCRIPTIONFSA crank bolts compatible with SHIMANO E-BIKE cranksetsFEATURESNoREFERENCESCODE TYPE390-0101000010 CKSP Crank Bolt Shimano ML598SPECIFICATIONSType SparesManufacturer FSAColor blackDiscipline E-BIKEEngine SHIMANO..
4.990 Ft
Ex Tax:3.929 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 390-0099000010
FSA CRANK BOLTS ML618DESCRIPTIONFSA crank bolts compatible with BAFANG cranksetsREFERENCESCODE TYPE390-0099000010 CKSP Crank Bolt Bafang ML61 CK-603SPECIFICATIONSType SparesManufacturer FSAColor blackDiscipline E-BIKEEngine BAFANG..
4.990 Ft
Ex Tax:3.929 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 390-2030
FSA CRANK BOLTS ML019FSA crank bolts compatible with JIS cranksetsREFERENCESCODE TYPE390-2030 CKSP ML019 Standard M8 Crank bolts 2pcsSPECIFICATIONSType SparesManufacturer FSAColor blackDiscipline E-BIKE..
2.890 Ft
Ex Tax:2.276 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 390-2040
FSA FSA CRANK BOLTS ML054DESCRIPTIONFSA crank bolts compatible with ISIS cranksetsFEATURESNoREFERENCESCODE TYPE390-2040 CKSP ML054 ISIS Crank bolts w/washer M15 2pcsSPECIFICATIONSType SparesManufacturer FSAColor blackDiscipline E-BIKE..
4.900 Ft
Ex Tax:3.858 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 390-2082
FSA ML140 M12 LEFT ARM CRANK BOLTDESCRIPTIONBlack crank bolts for alloy Mega Exo cranksetsFEATURESenergygossamerafterburnerv-drivecomet M/exo W/pinch boltREFERENCESCODE TYPE390-2082 AAA CKSP ML140 Crank bolt alloy M/Exo Left Arm M18SPECIFICATIONSType BoltsManufacturer FSAColor NeutralDiscipline ROAD..
1.890 Ft
Ex Tax:1.488 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 390-2072
FSA QR-14 M17 SELF EXTRACTING BOLT K-FORCE/SLKDESCRIPTIONHollow carbon Mega Exo bolts that are right hand threaded (RH) featuring a self extracting cap.FEATURESself-extracting left-arm boltREFERENCESCODE TYPE390-2072 CKSP QR-14 Self Extr. bolt K-FORCE/S-LK M17SPECIFICATIONSType BoltsManufacturer FSA..
5.790 Ft
Ex Tax:4.559 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 390-2060
FSA QR-8A M18 SELF EXTRACTING BOLT ROAD BB8000DESCRIPTIONCrank bolt for road cranks (RH) featuring a self extracting cap. FEATURESself-extracting left-arm boltREFERENCESCODE TYPE390-2060 CKSP QR-8A Self Extr. bolt Road BB8000 ML128A M18SPECIFICATIONSType BoltsManufacturer FSAColor NeutralDiscip..
5.790 Ft
Ex Tax:4.559 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 390-0027000600
FSA QR-21 BB30 SELF EXTRACTING CRANK BOLTFEATURESQR-21 Crank Bolt Assembly, BB30 / 386Evo / 392Evo Alloy Bolt Anodized Grey M30 cap M18 BoltSuitable for:All 30mm spindle cranks with 30mm Extractor capsRoad: Powerbox alloy, Powerbox Supercompact alloy, Energy, Gossamer cranksetsOff-road: Powerbox all..
5.790 Ft
Ex Tax:4.559 Ft
58.500 Ft
Ex Tax:46.063 Ft
DESCRIPTIONGradient is FSA’s Trail / Enduro Line for those of you that like to crank up the trail and tear it apart on the way back down. Since the introduction of Gradient in 2013, it has been raising the standard on strength and lowering the weight of their trusted components.FEATURESSuitable for ..
89.990 Ft
Ex Tax:70.858 Ft
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