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Bottom brackets, cups, adapters

Bottom brackets, cups, adapters

A bicycle bottom bracket is the axle and bearing assembly that connects the pedals and the crankset. It plays a crucial role in the efficient operation and smooth pedaling experience of a bicycle. Here's some important information about bicycle bottom brackets:

Sizes and standards: Bottom brackets come in different sizes and standards, which entail different bearing types and installation procedures. One of the most common standards is the BSA (British Standard Threaded), often referred to as English threaded bottom brackets. Additionally, there are other standards such as BB30, PF30, BB86, BB92, and more.

Considerations when purchasing: When buying a bottom bracket, you need to determine the appropriate standard and size for your bicycle. It's important to follow the recommendations of your bike manufacturer and select the correct type and size of bottom bracket. Ensure that the purchased bottom bracket is compatible with your bike frame and drivetrain standard.

Indications of failure: Signs of a faulty bottom bracket may include clicking or creaking noises, play or an uneven pedaling experience, rattling or clicking sounds from the bearings, and wobbling or vibration when shaking the bicycle.

Replacement procedure: Replacing a bottom bracket typically requires special tools and experience. The process can be more complex for certain standards, while others are simpler. Generally, the bottom bracket is removed using a bottom bracket tool and replaced with a new one. However, it's recommended to seek professional help if you lack experience or don't have the proper tools.

Required tools: For bottom bracket replacement, you will typically need at least a bottom bracket tool that matches the chosen standard. Additionally, other specialized tools may be necessary, such as a bearing press or bearing puller.

As with any bicycle component, it's best to seek the assistance of a professional when it comes to replacing or repairing a bottom bracket. A professional will be able to diagnose the issue properly and have the appropriate tools and expertise for the replacement or repair process.

Brand: FSA Model: FSA200-3210
ADAPTER GXP SRAM CRANK TO BB386 FRAMEDESCRIPTIONAdapter GXP Sram crank to BB386 frame.FEATURESNoREFERENCESCODE TYPE200-3210 BB adapter ck SRAM GXP to BB386EVO EE103SPECIFICATIONSType Bb adaptersManufacturer FSAColor NeutralDiscipline ROADMaterial AlloyWeight (gr) 50Frame Dimension BB386Compatibility..
7.400 Ft
Ex Tax:5.827 Ft
Brand: Campagnolo Model: IC13–PT42
Campagnolo bottom bracket cups Power Torque OS Fit Pt BB30 68x42 IC13–PT42..
9.990 Ft
Ex Tax:7.866 Ft
Brand: Campagnolo Model: IC15–PT42
Campagnolo bottom bracket cups Power Torque Pt BB30 68x42 IC15–PT42..
14.990 Ft
Ex Tax:11.803 Ft
Brand: Elvedes Model: 2018077
ELVEDES bottom bracket BB30 bearing replacement kit 2018077..
11.990 Ft
Ex Tax:9.441 Ft
Brand: Elvedes Model: 2018085
ELVEDES bottom bracket BB90 BB95 TREK bearing replacement kit 2018085..
9.490 Ft
Ex Tax:7.472 Ft
Brand: Elvedes Model: 2019087
ELVEDES bottom bracket bearings for Elvedes 24mm spindle BB 2019087..
7.600 Ft
Ex Tax:5.984 Ft
Brand: Elvedes Model: 2019086
ELVEDES bottom bracket Campagnolo Ultra Torque bearing replacement kit 2019086 ..
7.490 Ft
Ex Tax:5.898 Ft
Brand: Elvedes Model: 2022085
Elvedes - Bottom bracket press fit BB 86 / 92 41mm for 30mmProduct Code: ELV-2022085To fit a crankset with a 30mm axle diameter in a BB86/92 bottom bracket (41mm inner diameter) Elvedes supplies these bearings as a set in a press fit version...
18.990 Ft
Ex Tax:14.953 Ft
Brand: Elvedes Model: 2020115
ELVEDES bottom bracket Thread Fit T47 68 mm external for Praxis 28-30mm spindle, axle 2020115..
25.990 Ft
Ex Tax:20.465 Ft
Brand: Elvedes Model: 2020114
ELVEDES bottom bracket Thread Fit T47 86 mm for Praxis crankset spindle, axle 2020114Bottom bracket for praxis Elvedes Thread fit T47Bottom bracket ELVEDES thread fit internal PRAXIS high end with aluminum cups associated with stainless steel ring bearings 2RS high end enriched with grease Mobil Wat..
25.990 Ft
Ex Tax:20.465 Ft
Brand: Elvedes Model: 2020112
ELVEDES bottom bracket Thread Fit T47 86 mm for SRAM DUB spindle, axle 2020112..
27.990 Ft
Ex Tax:22.039 Ft
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