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Triathlon cycling shoes, tri-shoes

Triathlon cycling shoes, tri-shoes


Have you ever wondered how triathlon shoes differ from traditional cycling shoes? Let's take a look and explain the differences

As with all cycling shoes, a tight, perfect fit is essential. Any movement of the foot in the shoe can lead to a loss of transmitted, mediated force and efficiency. Also, if your feet move in the shoes with each pedal stroke, it can easily cause chafing, pain and blisters, which can then cause problems not only when cycling but also when running.

Unlike how you wear traditional cycling shoes, here's a key, specific point to think about: most triathletes, especially on race day, put on their shoes without socks! You too? Therefore, this should be taken into account when choosing a shoe size. If your size is between two numbers, then with this in mind, choose the smaller one!

Especially if you're aiming for long-term events, don't be too tight - don't pull the shoes off! Especially on the toes. That's why it's important to have the opportunity to relax even on the go! In accordance with this, most types use a Velcro or other tightening mechanism that can be easily controlled and adjusted - even by reaching down while driving, you can readjust it with one movement. It is worth leaving it more relaxed at the start, and then turn it on after a few minutes. It should be taken into account that the foot may swell during longer cycling due to the load, in which case it is also useful to remedy this with one movement during the ride.

Finally, once you've adjusted the shoes, take the same care to properly fit and adjust the cleats! Improper adjustment can significantly affect the comfort of the feet, the cycling performance, and can contribute to injuries.


Well-chosen cycling shoes are essential to maximize power transfer, the advantage of perfect movement in a race, and a triathlon-specific pair of shoes can offer even more benefits.
Here's what to look for in a good tri-specific cycling shoe:


Triathlon cycling shoes are often equipped with plastic heel and toe pads to ease the run-to-bike transition and protect the sole from damage and scratches.

Velcro (or reel)

Many tri-shoes use a specially designed (even reversed) main strap - and top models also have a "winding" solution made by BOA or another manufacturer - for faster dismounting and mounting. The advantage of the roller solution is that the tightening can be done more easily, there is no risk of the Velcro straps getting stuck.

Carbon sole

A carbon sole saves grams and improves power transmission and pedaling efficiency, but also increases the price of the shoe.

Loop (or tab) at the corner

It is also important for easy and quick recording. On the one hand, it must be sufficiently large so that you can easily find it and pull it on, but on the other hand, large lugs can easily get caught in something - or they can ruin the aesthetic appearance of a nice shoe. 

The manufacturers of the triathlon cycling shoes we sell have decades of experience, so whatever you choose, they will certainly help you during training or important competition events!
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

In summary, checklist for choosing triathlon shoes:

  • They should be easy
  • They should be comfortable enough to be worn without socks if desired.
  • The material of the shoe should be easy to clean, and the material should not absorb unpleasant odors
  • The ability to quickly tuck in and tighten is an important rear loop
  • its structure allows running, fast walking and movement
Brand: Vittoria Model: VITTORIATHL
TRIATHLON GREY/WHITE Cycling shoe developed for short-distance sprint or triathlon competitions, where every second in transition is crucial. Extremely light and easy to put on, it allows a quick closure thanks to the strap system. The upper is made of microfiber with large mesh areas that ensu..
44.900 Ft
Ex Tax:35.354 Ft
Brand: Vittoria Model: VITTORIATHL-PRO
THL-PRO is made with a very breathable and easy-drying heat-welded mesh upper with polyurethane layers to reinforce the most stressed areasand an internal nylon anti-sagging structure. Very fast fit thanks to its particular structure, a bellows tongue and a protruding loop on the heel thatserves as ..
74.900 Ft
Ex Tax:58.976 Ft
Brand: Vittoria Model: VITTORIATRIPRO
TRI PRO Tripro is geared to the Ironman world, where the long distance in the cycling leg requires a shoe that combines the stiffness of traditional road shoes and a very quick fit to have no time loss in transition. Everything is made with a microfiber upper combined with breathable and easy-t..
69.900 Ft
Ex Tax:55.039 Ft
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