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Shoes, cycling shoes

Shoes, cycling shoes

What should you know about cycling shoes?

The purpose of cycling shoes is to firmly attach the foot to the pedal, thereby improving pedaling efficiency and stability. However, different cycling sports have different needs, so different types of cycling shoes are available to meet these needs.

One of the most common types of cycling shoes is the traditional strapped shoe, which has numerous adjustment options to provide a secure fit for the foot. The straps of traditional shoes typically close at three points, and the upper part of the shoe is mostly designed to improve foot breathing and reduce heat build-up.

BOA system shoes are becoming increasingly popular among cyclists. This system allows the shoe to be quickly and easily adjusted to the desired level. The BOA system wraps around the foot, and the tightness of the upper part of the shoe can be adjusted with a rotating knob.

Cycling shoes with Velcro closures can be quickly and easily fastened, and the Velcro straps are easy to adjust. These shoes are typically lightweight, comfortable, and well-ventilated.

Thanks to recent developments, cycling shoes have several comfort features, such as breathable lining materials, insoles that improve comfort, shock-absorbing features that reduce foot and toe pain, and environmental protection layers.

It is important to note that the sizing of cycling shoes may differ from that of traditional shoes, so it is recommended to try on the selected shoe in the store and choose the right size for comfortable and efficient cycling. The shoe and sock should be cleaned regularly to prevent unpleasant odors and material damage.