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Photochromatic sunglasses

Photochromatic sunglasses

Photochromic sunglasses and lenses

Perhaps the most popular and sought-after lenses today. Not by chance!
These lenses are made of light-sensitive materials that are able to modify their chemical structure under the influence of the light that hits them, thus reacting to the light conditions. In the basic case, completely transparent lenses darken under the influence of the incoming light and lighten up again as soon as the environment gets darker again! Just imagine that you no longer have to take off your glasses while biking or running in the forest! 
Of course, these lenses also - following the requirements prescribed by EU rules - filter harmful UV radiation and are equipped with the appropriate coatings for better scratch resistance and cleanability. The majority of CRX lenses are made in the most popular smoke gray color, but orange or brown versions are also available for some models.
These lenses change their transmission value between 1-3 according to the filter category.

SALICE light-darkening lens types

The RWX by NXT ® lens has got both high-tech and fashion features. Powered by the state-of-the-art photochromic technology, it provides the right level of protection when needed as it adapts instantly to the light environment. From bright sun to sunset, the lens protects your eyes from 100% of the UV rays. The photochromic molecules are directly embedded in the mass of the polymer and confined close to the front surface. Therefore, it guarantees durably optimal photochromic control. In particular, the RWX by NXT ® lens includes fast kinetics such as activation and fading speed. RWX by NXT ® lens is versatile with its large photo range: version smoke with blue mirrored treatment goes from category 1, when not activated, in environments and weather conditions with low light, to category 3, when activated, in bright conditions. Specially designed for the high mountains, the RWX by NXT® lens on an amber base with red mirror goes from category 2, when not activated, in the presence of lower light conditions, to category 4, if activated, in the presence of strong conditions brightness. In addition to its technical features, the RWX by NXT ® lens will also magnify your look! Note that this mirror coatings contribute to protect from glare and reduce eye fatigue. The oleophobic front-side coating prevents scratches, smudges, fingerprints, dust and water on the external surface of the lens. Thus, decreasing the discomfort from fog droplets or light rain as the surface is sliding allowing to move forward in the activity in mixed weather. At last, to keep the lens gloss and neat, it also minimises the risk to damage the colour coating as cleaning is facilitated.

Photochromic lenses contain substances that are sensitive to UV rays that change their chemical structure based on the intensity of the light. The lens has a light base color that gets darker when sunlight is more intense, to quickly return to its original color when the light fades. This technology allows you to always wear glasses, passing from shaded areas to particularly bright areas and vice versa. The colors available are CRX bronze and smoke (passage from category 1 to 3) available on models 019 - 005; bronze (change of category from 2 to 4) on models 59G-008 - 007 and transparent (change of category from 0 to 2) on model 838.

Complete guide to photochromic sunglasses

Photochromic (or light-darkening) lenses also protect our eyes 100% from UV radiation - although they darken, they only do so under the influence of natural sunlight - as the darkening reaction will only be triggered by UV radiation found in natural light. Otherwise, the lenses will remain transparent. This process happens automatically when we go from indoors to outdoors.

Are you interested in how photochromic sunglasses work and what are the advantages? What are photochromic sunglasses?

Photochromic lenses - also known as variable tint lenses - are designed to react to ultraviolet light. Under strong light conditions - i.e. under the influence of ultraviolet radiation - the lenses darken. Without the activation of UV light, the lenses remain clean. Photochromic sunglasses provide light tinting when needed. They change color depending on the strength of the light. Therefore, photochromic shades darken only very slightly in certain situations, e.g. when sunlight shines into the room. Transitional sunglasses with 100% UV protection ensure that your eyes are protected and healthy all year round.

They are useful not only for everyday activities, but also for sports. You can use it outdoors, e.g. while golfing, cycling, fishing, skiing, running and tennis without sacrificing visual comfort and UV protection.

How do photochromic lenses work?

The operation of photochromic lenses lies in the particles that make up the material of the lenses, the silver halide and silver chloride molecules are responsible for changing the color of the lenses, so they can darken in strong light conditions and become transparent indoors. When sunglass lenses are exposed to UV radiation, the structure of trillions of photochromic molecules begins to change temporarily. If the shape of a large number of molecules changes at the same time, the surface of the lens darkens. The result is glasses that turn into photochromic sunglasses.

How long does it take for photochromic sunglasses to change from light to dark?

When the first photochromic lenses from Corning Glass Works were released in 1964, the lenses began to respond to UVA and UVB light after only a few minutes, and reached maximum darkness after 15 minutes. Later models needed another minute to adjust to the light conditions.
Today there are many brands that use very fast photochromic technology. This state-of-the-art innovation enables the transition from light to dark in seconds. The photochromic lenses of the brands we sell are among the fastest-reacting lenses on the market, so they are perfect for all sports activities, but they are also practical and comfortable in every way, protecting our eyes. The chemical process also works the other way around when you go from outdoors to indoors or, for example, when you ride a bicycle into the forest. The dark tint of the lens fades and becomes transparent.

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