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Brand: FSA Model: 38000317004250
FSA DIRECT MOUNT STEEL CHAINRING WITH CHAINGUARDDESCRIPTIONFSA Direct Mount steel chainring with chainguard for BOSCH Gen3 engineFEATURESSteel chainring with chain guardChain line: 50mmChain Line: 53mm (Boost 148)Direct MountED blackREFERENCESCODE TYPE38000317004250 CR E-BIKE DM steel 40T CR+CG WB38..
8.700 Ft
Ex Tax:6.850 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 38000370002250
DESCRIPTIONFSA direct mount steel boost148 megatooth chainring compatible with BOSCH engineFEATURESFor Boost 148BCD: Direct mountFinish: ED blackREFERENCESCODE TYPE38000370002250 CR E-BIKE DM steel 148 chainring 1x 34T WB345SPECIFICATIONSType ChainringsColor blackDiscipline E-BIKEBolt Circle Diamete..
7.990 Ft
Ex Tax:6.291 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 200-0043000600
PREMIUM 386EVO CRANK TO PF30 FRAMEDESCRIPTIONFSA is proud to introduce the Premium Series, featuring high-quality headsets and bottom brackets meticulously designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s bicycle constructors and customers. Precision CNC products and high-quality bearings are the key..
16.700 Ft
Ex Tax:13.150 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 200-0010000011
FSABB386 CRANK TO BB RIGHT PF30 79MMDESCRIPTION386EVO crank into a BBright frame.FEATURESNoREFERENCESCODE TYPE200-0010000011 BB adapter ck BB386EVO to BBright EL225SPECIFICATIONSType Bb adaptersManufacturer FSATechnology BBRightColor NeutralDiscipline ROADMaterial AlloyWeight (gr) 50Frame Dimension ..
7.900 Ft
Ex Tax:6.220 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 200-0005000330
DESCRIPTION386EVO crank into a PF30A or BB30A Cannondale frameFEATURESNoREFERENCESCODE TYPE200-0005000330 BB adapter ckBB386/BB30toPF30A/BB30A Canndl EL214SPECIFICATIONSType Bb adaptersManufacturer FSATechnology BB386EVOColor NeutralDiscipline ROADMaterial AlloyWeight (gr) 50Frame Dimension BB30A, P..
5.590 Ft
Ex Tax:4.402 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 230-5025
REFERENCESCODE TYPE230-5025 BBSP Shell adapter PF30 to BSA73mm B3176SPECIFICATIONSType ToolsManufacturer FSAColor NeutralDiscipline MTB..
11.990 Ft
Ex Tax:9.441 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 230-5024
REFERENCESCODE TYPE230-5024 BBSP Shell adapter PF30 to BSA68mm B3167SPECIFICATIONSType ToolsManufacturer FSAColor NeutralDiscipline ROAD..
10.990 Ft
Ex Tax:8.654 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 200-0020000110
DESCRIPTIONBB392 crank to press fit BB89.5/92mm frame.FEATURESNoREFERENCESCODE TYPE200-0020000110 BB ck BB392EVO to PF92 41mm EL247SPECIFICATIONSType Bottom bracketsManufacturer FSATechnology BB392EVOColor NeutralDiscipline MTBMaterial AlloyWeight (gr) 89Frame Dimension BB89.5, BB92Compatibility BB3..
17.900 Ft
Ex Tax:14.094 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 200-0012000110(2KÓD)
FSA bottom bracket BB86 386 EVO crankset to Shimano Press Fit BB PF 86 41 mm frame, 30mm spindle 200-0012000110 EL230DESCRIPTION386EVO crank into a BB86 Shimano pressfit, 2 lines of bearings each sideFEATURESNoREFERENCESCODE TYPE200-0012000110 BB ck BB386EVO to PF86 41mm EL23020000012000110 BB ck BB..
17.900 Ft
Ex Tax:14.094 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 200-3101
DESCRIPTIONFor 68 and 73 mm wide BB30 frames.FEATURESStainless steel BB30 cartridge bearingsCirclips and bearing covers includedREFERENCESCODE TYPE200-3101 BB ck BB30 MTB bearing kit BB-OS7000SPECIFICATIONSType Bottom bracketsManufacturer FSATechnology BB30Color NeutralDiscipline MTBMaterial AlloyWe..
12.500 Ft
Ex Tax:9.843 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 200-1893
DESCRIPTIONFor use with Omega MegaExo 19mm spindle cranksets.FEATURESForged alloy and CNC machined external cupsDI2 compatible composite center sleeveFinish - anodized cupsREFERENCESCODE TYPE200-1893 BB ck M/EXO 19mm to BSA68mm BB-4000 OmegaSPECIFICATIONSType Bottom bracketsManufacturer FSAColor Neu..
14.990 Ft
Ex Tax:11.803 Ft
Brand: FSA Model: 200-0011000500
FSAMEGAEXO SL-K CRANK TO ITALIAN THREAD FRAME DI2 COMPATIBLEDESCRIPTIONCompatible with NBD MegaExo Road cranksets with italian thread. Includes oversize cartridge bearings.FEATURESForged alloy and CNC machined external cupsDI2 compatible composite center sleeveFinish - anodized cupsForged alloy and ..
17.500 Ft
Ex Tax:13.780 Ft
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