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Brand: Deda Model: DEDAZERO1STEM
ZERO1The new Zero1 is the perfect combination of stiffness, lightness and aero shape. Made in 6061 aluminium series and the stem is manufactured using an innovative 3D forging process. The flat top section of the stem perfectly matches the modern road bikes design. Designed for the most exigent ride..
14.500 Ft
Ex Tax:11.417 Ft
ZERO 100Curve drawn according to the RHM criteria; made of precious light alloy 7075 T6 drawn with triple different thickness.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONShape RHM – Rapid Hand MovementMaterial Triple butted alloy 7075Serie Zero100Handlebar diameter 31, 7 mmProfondita 75 mmDrop 130 mmhandlebar sizes (outs..
32.990 Ft
Ex Tax:25.976 Ft
Brand: Deda Model: DEDAZERO100ANATOMIC
ZERO 100 ANATOMICThe Anatomic hendlebar with variable radius drop still very popular on the peloton.In 7075 aluminium triple butted, at the “bulge”, wall thickness is 1.5 mm, gradually becoming 1.3 mm on the “flats”, while the “drops” are 1.2 mm.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONShape AnatomicMaterial Triple bu..
32.990 Ft
Ex Tax:25.976 Ft
Brand: Deda Model: D100BOB27
ZERO1003D aluminum forged seatpost for a stronger structure construction. Same innovative 1-bolt clamp system seatpost to allow an easy and fast assembly. A fine adjustment of the saddle inclination is possible through the adjusting screw on the seatpost head.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONMaterial Alloy 705..
23.400 Ft
Ex Tax:18.425 Ft
Brand: Deda Model: DEDAZERO100DEEP
ZERO 100 DEEPThe traditional Deep drop bar that provides more clearance for the arms when sprinting out of the saddle then any other road bar shape. The drop bar made the story of the Track and now is making a big time comeback with fixed and single speed bikes.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONShape DeepMateri..
32.990 Ft
Ex Tax:25.976 Ft
Brand: Deda Model: D100BOB100
DEDA ZERO100 STEMZero100 stem is extremely versatile because combines lightweight, strength and reliability. It is the perfect choice for sportive or endurance bikes but also one of the preferred choices of Pro riders. Designed and manufactured in 2014 alloy series, the stem features a 82 degrees an..
27.490 Ft
Ex Tax:21.646 Ft
Brand: Deda Model: DEDAZERO100SHALLOW
ZERO 100 SHALLOWThe classic handlebar by definition, Shallow or Italian shape, has written the story of this fantastic sport.Used by the yesterday’s champions and current leaders of Giro and Tour.Manufactured in a strong 7075 triple butted alloy.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONShape ShallowMaterial Triple but..
32.990 Ft
Ex Tax:25.976 Ft
Brand: Deda Model: DEDAZERO100SPCOMBO
ZERO100Since the introduction in 2006, Zero100 series has long been synonymous with the highest level of performance. We have seen champions winning the most prestigious races but above all, the choice of many enthusiastic cyclists. Today this is still one of Deda Elementi’s best seller series. The ..
67.900 Ft
Ex Tax:53.465 Ft
Brand: Deda Model: DEDAZERO17STEM
Featuring a 3D forged 6061 aluminum construction and a four-bolt faceplate, this high-quality stem provides a strong and reliable connection between your road bike's handlebars and your fork's steerer tube. Coming equipped with a 17-degree angle, it delivers an increased reach while its Black on Bla..
9.900 Ft
Ex Tax:7.795 Ft
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