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Brand: Deda Model: WDRATCHET-LUB
DEDA lubricant grease for ratchet system rear hub, freehub..
4.900 Ft
Ex Tax:3.858 Ft
Brand: Elvedes Model: 2020212
ELVEDES assembly paste , universal grease 2020212..
4.500 Ft
Ex Tax:3.543 Ft
Brand: Elvedes Model: 2019037
Elvedes lithium grease 2019037..
4.900 Ft
Ex Tax:3.858 Ft
Brand: Vision Model: 752-1105000000
• high performance medium viscosity bearing grease• Applications include Vehicle wheel bearings, gearboxes, any metal-to-metal contact.CODE TYPE752-1105000000 WHSP VISION METRON BEARING GREASE 5ML ME459 ..
3.990 Ft
Ex Tax:3.142 Ft
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