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Bicisupport’s products are projected and produced exclusively in Italy.

Since 1976 the company is introduced into the whole International market,leader  for the bicycle technical  items, work stands,shop displays and supports.

Since 30 years ago Bicisupport is supplier of the Italian national team and of the best pro-tour,professional and continental teams, and of every cyclist.


Quality - innovation - practicality

Project and production

100% made in Italy.

Brand: Bicisupport Model: BS050
BICISUPPORT BS050 BICYCLE RACKCode: BS050PLUSSingle floor rack for bicycles : race, mtb, city bike….Very stable and strongDETAILSHeight (cm): 28Base (cm): 32x43Packaging (cm): -Weight (Kg): 1,30..
4.200 Ft
Ex Tax:3.307 Ft
Brand: Bicisupport Model: BS050PLUS
BICISUPPORT BS050 SINGLE BIKE STAND FLOOR RACK, STRANGER AND LARGER FOR MTB, E-BIKECode: BS050+PLUSSingle floor rack for MTB PLUS larger and strongerDETAILSHeight (cm): 28Base (cm): 42x37Packaging (cm): -Weight (Kg): 1,37..
4.800 Ft
Ex Tax:3.780 Ft
Brand: Bicisupport Model: BS055
BICISUPPORT BS055 DOUBLE BICISUPPORTCode: BS055PLUS2 bicycles stand_ Bicycle supported  by  rubber protected hooks_ Double hooks position horizontal/inclined, in relation to the different  frame kinds_ Maximum stability, small encumbranceDETAILSHeight (cm): 198Base (cm): 55x49Packagin..
51.500 Ft
Ex Tax:40.551 Ft
Brand: Bicisupport Model: BS092
BICISUPPORT BS084 Master ClampCode: BS084PLUSProfessional clamp for the bicycle maintenance._ Maximum strenght_ Clamp is 360° revolving with internal protection for frame safety_ Adjustable height_ Equipped with hooks for wheels and tools basinDETAILSHeight (cm): 135/150/165Base (cm): 60x60Packaging..
279.990 Ft
Ex Tax:220.465 Ft
Brand: Bicisupport Model: BS092
BS092 PROFESSIONAL TEAMCode: BS092PLUSFolding stand for the bicycle maintenance_Maximum stability_Appreciated by  best professional teams_360° revolving for a maximum comfort during different maintenance jobs_The bicycle can be set on in different  ways:  without front or rear wheels ..
56.500 Ft
Ex Tax:44.488 Ft
Brand: Bicisupport Model: BS255PLUS
BICISUPPORT BS255+ Display for 4 bicycles, 4 different levelsCode: BS255+PLUSChromated shop display for 4 bicycles on 4 different levels for the best product visibility_ Equipped with hooks to stop the wheel_ Ideal displaying solutionSTRONG, ALSO FOR E-BIKESDETAILSHeight (cm): 138Base (cm): 135x96Pa..
176.990 Ft
Ex Tax:139.362 Ft
Brand: Bicisupport Model: BS257PLUS
BICISUPPORT BS257+ 8 bicycles display, on 2 levelsCode: BS257+PLUSChromated shop display for 8 bicycles on 2 levels_ For the best bicycles visibility_ Ideal and handy storage solution equipped on with hooks to stop the wheel_ Easy bicycle placement  and small encumbranceSTRONG, ALSO FOR E-BIKED..
225.000 Ft
Ex Tax:177.165 Ft
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