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Look KEO GRIP stopli fekete / szürke / piros

Look KEO GRIP stopli fekete / szürke / piros
Look KEO GRIP stopli fekete / szürke / piros
  • Szállítási súly: 200.00g
4.400 Ft
Nettó ár: 3.465 Ft + ÁFA

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Look Keo Grip Cleats

The Kéo Grip cleats allow a safe and easy cleat release thanks to their non-slip surface.

Three float options are available to fit the needs of every cyclist: 0 ° black / 4.5 ° grey / 9 ° red.

The position of your cleats can be customized with the KÉO FIT system.

Large platform

Memory clip

Safe releasing

3 float options:

Red: 9° movement

Grey: 4.5° movement

Black: 0° movement

The memory position is another asset of the KéO cleats. This feature allows for a quick cleat replacement into the exact same position that your original cleat was placed. Compatible with all the shoes on the market, the KéO standard was designed with the goal of minimizing the weight and the bulk of the cleat/pedal unit. 

The operational kinematics are identical to the Delta standard. Engagement and disengagement are consistent, maintaining Look's famous stability and efficiency.

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